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Flow Control Valves

Key Instruments offers control valves for low flow OEM, laboratory instrumentation, or bench top flow control applications. The valve designs and material make them suitable for use with a variety of gases and fluids.

Complete valves are available in straight through or 90 degree angle body configurations and are constructed of brass or stainless steel. All valves are supplied with 1/8" FNPT inlet and outlet ports. The valve cartridge may also be integrally mounted in flowmeter assemblies. The economical cartridge valve (CVS) is available in three different needle tapers which cover our entire flow range. These units have a rising stem and provide nine turns from closed to full open.

The precision control valve (CVP) features a non-rising stem and is available in eight different needle tapers, for fine control of very low flows. This valve offers sixteen turns from closed to full open. Its design eliminates saw-toothing and is virtually hysteresis free. All materials are matched for similar coefficients of expansion.

  • All designs are panel-mountable
  • Positive shutoff
  • Straight-through (180°) or right angle (90°) flow paths
  • Interchangeable needle tapers
  • 316 stainless steel or brass
  • Flow ranges from 5 CMM to 68 LPM of air
  • Standard valve 9 turns to full open
  • Precision valve 16 turns to full open